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FDA Pioneers New Level of Transparency – An Interview with Dr. Joshua Sharfstein

No kidding.  I mean it. Transparency is one of those buzz words that doesn't really mean much to people, because it means so many things to so many people.  As a result, in some ways, the word has lost its … Continue reading

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A Conversation with FDA/DDMAC About Pharma, Social Media and Web 2.0

At the bottom of this posting is a podcast with the FDA on Web 2.0 and pharma, making it an important posting for anyone connected with communications by pharmaceutical companies – advertisers, regulatory and legal departments and marketing whether in … Continue reading

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J&J and Social Media – How’d They Do It? A Conversation with J&J

Johnson & Johnson has gone far in establishing a digital footprint that has both breadth and depth to it.  The company's YouTube channel now has over 90 videos – not branded, but patient educational. That is more than SanofiPasteurTV, GSKVision … Continue reading

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What Would Congress Do? – A Conversation With Dick Gephardt

There is a lot of change going on.  Driving past the mall today, one could see lines of tents being erected on the mall.  I recently took a photo while walking past the Capitol of the scaffolding as it was … Continue reading

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Weekly Roundup – 09-12/08

Well, Congress is back.  You may be relieved that your representation is back at the seat of government, doing that voodoo that they do so well.  For me, it means a longer commute and more bad drivers on the road.  … Continue reading

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