Weekly Roundup – 5/5/06

J0255314 Ok Partners, it is time for the weekly roundup. 

  • Court Rules Terminal Patients Have Right to Access Drugs – A federal court ruled that terminal patients may have a right to access drugs that have cleared Phase I studies but not approved.  The case was before an appeals court and was sent back to a lower court where it may have a full hearing according to the Washington Post.  The case was brought by the Abigail Alliance for Better Access to Developmental Drugs of Arlington, Virginia. 
  • Dr. von Eschenbach Speaks!  – This actually happened a month ago at FDLI, but the agency only posted it this week.  While not a headline grabber, at least it is a speech and he provides a few comments on the Critical Path Initiative.  If interested, click here.  He noted that it was exciting to lead the agency at this time in its history and "if" confirmed, it will be an honor to be Commissioner.  I think that was wise use of terms. 
  • Dr. Lester Crawford Reportedly Under Investigation – Speaking of FDA Commissioners and confirmation – news that calls to mind the long-standing lack of leadership at the agency – Dr. Lester Crawford who held a tenure as Commissioner that lasted weeks is reportedly under grand jury investigation, a development to which the FDA offered "no comment".
  • Resources Added to the Blog – To the left uhder the FDA Links section, you will now find a link to the FDA Web site that will take you directly to the data base that allows you to search the status of companies to their post-marketing commitments.
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