J0424392 Well folks, it is summer and things are moving kind of slow in DC.  My commute, which in any other season is about 40 minutes to go 6 miles now takes only 15 minutes.  But the fact that news is slow and that I am on the road today (again), today’s posting is about a few miscellaneous matters.

First, I wanted to introduce those of you who might be interested to a sort of DTC pharmaceutical ad encyclopedia – a virtual collection of on-line advertisements for pharmaceutical products.  I like to think of it as a museum of on line ads.  Don’t be fooled when you go to the first page it takes you to, there is an opportunity to scroll to other pages to see many more on-line pharma ads. 

Second, I wanted to let you know that I had an article published in this month’s Pharmaceutical Executive magazine which is their 25th commemorative anniversary issue.  The article is a look-back at the HIV epidemic over the past quarter century.  To get to the article, you will have to scroll down once you get to the site.

Have a good day all. 

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