Weekly Roundup 8-4-06

J0185010 Ouch!  Was this a hot week or what?  Both literally and figuratively and for a week in August – quite hot.  The week ended, however, with the House and the Senate adjourning and getting out of town for their summer recess.  They won’t be back until September.  We’ll miss them, of course.  By some coincidence, the hot air is moving on too.

Here’s the round-up.

  • Dr. Andrew C. von Eschenbach’s Confirmation Hearing.  As discussed here earlier, it happened.  Still not sure what that was about, but for those interested in Dr. von Eschenbach’s statement at his confirmation hearing, it is here.  Despite the nice meeting and the FDA’s clumsy announcement about Plan B the day before, the hold appears to be affixed on his confirmation vote.    Editorials in the Washington Post and the New York Times both suggest that he resolve the Plan B issue and move on. 
  • IVD Testimony Before Committee on Aging – Dr. Stephen Gutman testified before the Special Committee on Aging in the Senate on July 27 and posted this week on the regulation of  in vitro diagnostics (IVDs) and he discussed the recent activity related to the direct sales to consumers of genetic tests. 
  • Oysters and Months without R – The FDA issued an advisory regarding oysters from the Pacific Northwest!  Gotta say, for me it was the worst news of the week.
  • New Influenza Vaccine Approved for the Coming Season – While one does not think of flu during a heat wave, the annual vaccine was approved.  One can only hope that there will be no shortages this year.
  • Bioterror Hoaxes – Bothered by those pesky hoaxes?  FDA is working on a methodology to detect them more quickly.  Is it talcum powder or not?  The FDA recently published an article on how their new methodology, developed through the Critical Path Initiative, will work. 

Have a good weekend everyone – stay cool!

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