Passing Along a Resource

J0409376 A short posting today – I’m on vacay. 

But I thought it worthwhile to bring to your attention that the Century Foundation has started a bi-weekly collection of the best of healthcare blogs over the past two weeks.  It is called Health Wonk Review A Biweekly Review of the Best and the Boldest Entries from the Health Care Blogs

Sadly, Eye on FDA did not make it this week, but we’ll keep trying.  I noticed this from a posting on the Health Business Blog and thought I’d pass it along to you.

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  1. Fard Johnmar says:

    Thanks for mentioning the HealthWonkReview. Actually TCF did not found this bi-weekly ‘blog carnival’ of health policy blogs. Joe Paduda over at Managed Care Matters helped to start it. You are free to submit posts to the carnival, which is hosted by a different person every two weeks. To learn more, please go to the HWR’s Website at If you have time, you might even want to host a future edition!

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