Waiting for Word on the Adaptive Clinical Trials Workshop

J0302924Back in July, FDA’s Dr. Scott Gottlieb gave a speech in which he talked about an upcoming conference on clinical trial design to be held in November.  Word has it that the conference is going to be on the 13th and 14th of that month.  But that is about all word has said. 

I have noticed a tremendous amount of interest in this conference expressed through this site, especially from outside of the U.S.  Pharmaceutical companies and other stakeholders have been hungry for information.  Sadly, none has been forthcoming.  A lot of people are waiting.

Hopefully the organizers will take note that their inability to announce the details of the workshop in a timely manner has severely inhibited the ability of people to attend, despite the fact that this topic is key to the FDA’s own Critical Path Initiative.  This is particularly true for those outside of the U.S. who will not be able to obtain a visa in such a short span of time.  Since that is true, it is essential that they Web cast the conference. 

At this rate, it is the Not So Critical Path Initiative. 

J0406631 As in the past, as soon as I can obtain information on this all important conference, I will be posting the details.  Until then, feet are dragging.

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