The Vote

J0384726_2 It is either "Turn the Bums Out" or "Stay the Course" – we should know by the end of the day.  Those obnoxious commercials are at an end.  Now we will just have endless pundits. 

Brown88992365ti Will Sherrod Brown join Senator Charles Grassley as a leading FDA and industry critic in the Senate?

If Brown’s new title is Senator because he does make the club, will he be a chair, or a ranking minority member?

Will Congressman Henry Waxman now chair important FDA oversight committees?  What does that mean for generics reform?Haw31


Will Speaker Pelosi push Medicare Part D reform within the first 100 hours?

Will it be a rout or a squeaker?

Court_front_med_2Or, will there be so much voting machine meltdown, that it makes the hanging chad chaos of 2000 seem a pleasant memory and give us all a headache and ends up with the Supremes – in which case, you know what happens.  Talk about activist judges!

That and more tomorrow dear friends.

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