This is Your State… This is Your State on Drugs – An Intermittent Series

J0384726_3 The nation’s eyes are glued to the change in Washington, or at least those inside the Beltway would like to think that you are.

The House of Representatives switched, we have the prospect of the first woman Speaker of the House and it looks like the Senate made the the switch.  Donald Rumsfeld who only a week ago was going to "stay the course" with the President, is out.  But something else happened Tuesday, which has a potential impact on the industry just as great perhaps as the Beltway goings on.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, prior to Tuesday, Republicans controlled 20 state legislatures; Democrats 19 and 10 were split. By yesterday, Democrats controlled both houses of the legislature in 23 states; Republicans in 16 and again 10 were split. 

All in all, Democrats picked up 275 more state legislative seats.  They now have majorities in nine new chambers:

  • Iowa House and Senate
  • Indiana House
  • Minnesota House
  • Michigan House,
  • New Hampshire House and Senate
  • Oregon House
  • Wisconsin Senate

A lot of industry policy is set at the state level, such as proscriptions on gifts to physicians writing prescriptions, pricing, importation and the like.  It bears noting as the winds of change begin to blow.

And if you are interested in more state by state information, go to NCSL’s StateVote 2006 and/or visit their blog – The Thicket

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