Weekly Roundup – 11/10/06

J0428497Well, here we are at the end of an ironic week.  On the one hand, we look back with a sigh of relief that the election of ’06 is over.  On the other hand, we are now looking forward to the fact that as this one ended, the election season for ’08 has begun.  And, as the week ends, many in the nation take a day off to honor our veterans. 

Here’s what else happened this week:

  • Expansion of Access to Experimental Medications – There were news reports of two new proposals that would expand access for patients to experimental medical treatments.  While limited access is currently allowed, these would ease and clarify the access route. 
  • Plan B Going on Sale Now – It was reported that Barr Laboratories is predicting that the Plan B contraceptive will finally be in stores, and on sale by mid-month.  The drug will still be "behind the counter" but available without a prescription.  Look for continued controversy at the local level on this one – from pharmacists who refuse to hand it over to city councils passing legislation barring it from sale. 
  • Metal Detector Headache! – In a development sure to give Senator Charles Grassley a pain, 11 million bottles of generic acetaminophen was recalled by its manufacturer due to the fact that some of the tablets were found to be containing very small metal fragments.  To see a list of batches that were affected, click here.  The reason for concern perhaps is that according to ABC News, the manufacturer, Perrigo has issued 23 separate product recalls since 2001 and the company informed the FDA of the contamination a full eight days before the recall.  While the risk of harm may be small, it is just the kind of thing that can be pointed to by agency critics as an example.  Click on stores supplied by Perrigo if you would like to see a list. 

Well everyone, it is a much welcomed weekend for me.  All the excitement and all makes me just want to stay home and read a good book, which is what I am going to do.  Have a good weekend all. 

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