Just imagine…

Imagine that a product comes before the FDA for approval.  The product is a drug and a drug delivery system, much like a diabetes treatment might be delivered to the body by an injection mechanism.

Imagine that when the drug comes before an advisory committee for consideration, it is revealed that the drug offers the human body absolutely no health benefit.  It does not heal, it does not make you well when you are sick, there is no nutritional benefit.

Imagine that when the risks are examined however, the panel is told that the drug is highly addictive and is a known carcinogen that causes cancer and that young people will be able to obtain the product.

By the way, the product will not be a prescription drug, but sold over the counter.

The drug is nicotine, the delivery mechanism is a cigarette.

Now imagine that the head of the FDA doesn’t even want to regulate the drug. 

Stop imagining.  Read the article about the views of Andrew von Eschenbach on the regulation of tobacco. 

And now imagine that hopes of regulating tobacco effectively by this Administration are up in smoke. 

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  1. Peter says:

    Shouldn’t the DEA regulate tobacco, not FDA?

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