Update on New Tools. Legislation

J0406871_1I wanted to take the opportunity to give you a head’s up on some additions and new tools placed on the site this weekend:

  • A link has been added under Proposed Legislation in the column to the right to the tobacco bill introduced recently by Senator Kennedy and to the regulatory pathway legislation for biotechnology introduced by Congressman Waxman;
  • Two links have been added under Good Learning Tools in the column to the right – one that provides you with a Medical Dictionary and one that provides you with an overview on how legislation works its way through Congress to become law. 

In addition, new legislation was introduced March 1 that would seek to have the Secretary of HHS investigate how to eliminate the "donut hole" in the Medicare Part D program.  The text of that legislation is not yet available, but when it is later this week, it will be added to the Proposed Legislation column. 

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