The View from Abroad – A Conversation with the Pharmaceutical Correspondent of the London Financial Times

J0402417While in London, my most excellent colleague James Smith arranged for me to be able to sit down with Andrew Jack, pharmaceutical correspondent with the London Financial Times.  I’m not sure correspondents like to be known as a great guy, but he really seemed like a great guy.

I was curious as to what influence the FDA has over approvals in Europe as well as whether or not the woes of  the FDA are impacting the European Medicines Agency (EMEA).  We sat down together at his office and explored those topics as well as whether the increased trend to introduce legislation in the U.S. that would give FDA more authority sends a message to manufacturers and to investors as to whether or not Europe might be more welcoming.  That and a few more thoughts he provided give an interesting perspective on the role of FDA.  Enjoy the podcast. 

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