Biotech 360

CoverA new magazine launched at the annual BIO meeting last week called Biotech 360.  It is a wonderful looking magazine with a good feel to it, though I have to warn you that the opening page has a flash technology that poses a challenge to my browser both at home and work. 

If you can’t get in that way, however, go through the back door by clicking on the article I have written for the maiden issue on the regulation of follow-on-biologics

Here is the mission of the magazine straight from its electronic Web site:

Our mission in creating Biotech360 was simple: to hold up a mirror to biotechnological advances and policy discussions around the globe and bring you the most provocative and relevant stories.

Biotech360, from the publishers of The Scientist, delivers essential content, sophisticated break-through design, and in-depth profiling of the people, culture and business in the biotech industry. 

While embracing the hope and challenging the hype, we promise to illuminate the most pressing issues on the world landscape.

The articles page for the maiden issue on HIV, biofuels, genetically modified plants and 101 unsung heroes in biotech and is specifically focused on the role of biotechnology in the developing world.  The debut issue was sponsored by Procter & Gamble

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  1. KJW says:

    The flash intro was very well done… I watched it with IE7.
    I singed up for the first issue of Biotech 360.. Looks like it should have some good content. Thanks for the heads up.

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