Weekly Roundup – 5-18-07

J0182617The weather has been beautiful here inside the Beltway.  We are already on the cusp of summer and in a few weeks, we will have Memorial Day and we can break out our summer whites! 

  • USDA Clears Swine for FoodPerhaps to the relief of many, though not the swine, the USDA has cleared quarantined swine who had consumed melamine laced food, to enter the food chain.  It has been an interesting set of developments for those concerned about food safety, to say the least, but also an interesting chain of communications from the FDA and USDA.  On a related note, fish were also cleared for consumption
  • New Useful Tool – I came across another bill tracking tool that may interest you.  In addition to the link to govtrack on the right column of the blog, I am adding a link to a project by the Sunlight Foundation called OpenCongress.  The site states that it "combines official government data with news and blog coverage to give you the real story behind each bill."  There are the latest votes, bill profiles and very good profiles and voting trends of members of Congress.  Check it out. 
  • Blogosphere on Pharma Loses a Voice – Unfortunately Gloria Gamat has signed off on her last posting on PharmaGazette.  She will still be posting on health and science in the future, but not on PharmaGazette, which is apparently looking for a new resident blogger. 

That’s it for this week folks.  Have a wonderful Spring weekend. 

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