Europe Lags in Feeds – FDA Wins!

As you know, I am proponent of the use of feeds to spread information and have written frequently on the topic.  Feeds are an extremely efficient method for disseminating news and conform to the way people are using the Internet today in increasing numbers.  Feeds are as essential as an email address as far as I’m concerned.

I was intrigued then to come across a posting on the eCTD blog.  After seeing an Eye on FDA piece on feeds, eCTD took a survey of key European agencies to see whether they are using feeds.  The FDA currently has feeds set up for both press releases and safety and recall alerts.  The eCTD survey found an absolute lack of feeds by Euro agencies.  I found that fascinating.  Check it out. 

What that means is that the FDA is not only ahead of most pharmaceutical companies in conforming to new media expansion, it is ahead of its European colleagues.  Someone at the agency had the foresight and ability to change something in an otherwise battleship agency.  Congratulations to you whoever you are, you deserve a raise!

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