Where Do the Candidates Stand?

Since 2000, more than 7 million Americans have entered the ranks of the uninsured.

Today, healthcare, and its related elements, are the number two concern among voters.

We have no shortage of candidates, though the ranks grew smaller last week with the withdrawal of Senator Sam Brownback from the Republican pack.  We do, however, have a shortage of positions on healthcare.

J0384726I have been examining each of the candidates for points of view that would impact the pharmaceutical markets and over the next several days, I’ll profile their plans along specific lines such as Medicare Part D reform, importation and the like.  At the end of the series, I’ll provide you with a side by side comparison chart and a downloadable paper on the topic.  In addition to positions in their healthcare plans, where possible, I’ll include insight into voting records. 

I’ll be taking the candidates in alphabetical order, despite their affiliation and will only be considering top tier – Clinton, Edwards, Guiliani, McCain, Obama, Richardson, Romney, Thompson. 

The series will be intermittent and not necessarily each day.  Thanks!

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