Fred Thompson – Where the Candidates Stand – Part 13

FredthompsonAn analysis of the Fred Thompson plan is difficult because essentially he has not announced a healthcare plan.   Perhaps he is waiting for a script.  In any case, there is very little to tell her in that he has not outlined a plan, nor has he enunciated positions in or around our five domains, with the exception of the fact that the voted against the importation of drugs while he was in the Senate. 

In fact, his attention to healthcare on his campaign site is so minimal, the entire healthcare section can be repeated here.

"Americans have the best healthcare in the world. Some, however, choose not be insured; others cannot afford it. Every American should be able to get health insurance coverage that is affordable, fully accessible, and portable. Coverage should meet their individual needs and put them in control. Those who propose a one-size-fits-all Washington-controlled program ignore the cost, inefficiency, and inadequate care that such a system offers. Access to affordable, portable health care can be made available for all Americans without imposing new mandates or raising taxes. Current government programs must also be streamlined and improved so that those who truly need help can get the health care they need. I am committed to a healthcare system that:

  • Realigns programs and creates a system around individual consumers and patients by providing more information and more opportunities to choose affordable health care options that best meet their needs and those of their families.
  • Improves the individual health of all Americans by shifting to a system that promotes cost-effective prevention, chronic-care management, and personal responsibility
  • Modernizes delivery and administration of care by encouraging the widespread use of clinical best practices, medical information technology, and other innovations.
  • Increases competition and consumer choice while streamlining regulations through free-market solutions that benefit individuals and reduce costs for employers.
  • Promotes and speeds medical research and life-sciences innovation"

That’s it.  There simply is no there, there. 

Respecting our five domains:

  1. Importation of DrugsHe has voted against the importation of drugs
  2. Medicare Part D Reform – no information. 
  3. Pharmaceutical Marketing Restrictions- no information. 
  4. Follow-on-Biologic Regulation – no information.
  5. Generic Promotion – no information.

Analysis:  The lack of thought and planning in one of the most important areas of concern in the election – healthcare – perhaps will be seen by some as refreshing.  Given his background in lobbying, this is perhaps a signal that he is willing to be persuaded in these areas. 

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  1. William Hill says:

    Over 46.6 million Americans are uninsured, with 15.9 percent of Americans lacking health coverage.
    Census data show that 46.6 million Americans were uninsured in 2005, an increase of 1.3 million from the number of uninsured in 2004 (45.3 million). The percentage who are uninsured rose from 15.6 percent in 2004 to 15.9 percent in 2005. The number of children who are uninsured rose from 7.9 million in 2004 to 8.3 million in 2005.
    My fellow Americans, wake up! It’s time for drastic change in U.S. Health Care Policy. offers a very nice collection of videos featuring politicians speaking out on the Healthcare Crisis in the United States. The videos are found at,
    If you desire Healthcare Reform it’s important you know where candidates stand on the issue.

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