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Ron Paul – Where do the Candidates Stand – Part 10

Ron Paul is widely considered to be a libertarian and one sees that reflected in many aspects of his campaign site, though it is not entirely true of his outlook on healthcare.  Take, for example, his outlook on the rights … Continue reading

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Weekly Roundup – 12/14/07

The Midwest and Northeast have been pounded by ice storms and Nor’easters.  Here in the Mid-Atlantic, there has been much gloom, both figuratively and literally.  The last of the debates among the candidates before the Iowa Caucuses were held this … Continue reading

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Chalk Up Yet Another Multiple Approvable Letter – This Time for Neurocrine

Neurocrine Biosciences has announced that they received a second approvable letter from the FDA for their product indiplon for the treatment of insomnia.  According to the company release: On May 15, 2006, the Company received an action letter from the … Continue reading

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Barack Obama – Where the Candidates Stand – Part 9

Barack to the Future!  That was a campaign slogan I thought of quite some time ago, I can’t imagine why the campaign hasn’t recruited me!  The Obama plan addresses the needs for greater insurance coverage among Americans, but he also … Continue reading

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India Grants Patent to AIDS Drug

One of the many confounding things about the AIDS epidemic is the radical shift of the HIV disease burden to populations of countries with the least ability to payfor therapy.  That creates a number of dilemmas and conundrums.  One, those … Continue reading

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