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McCain is the FrontRunner – The Tea Leaves for Pharma

Last night, John McCain won the Florida primary, clearly putting him in the status of front runner in the Republican Party.  Hillary Clinton won Florida, even though that is an empty victory as far as delegates, she is trying to … Continue reading

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Does Cholesterol Matter? A Conversation with John Carey of BusinessWeek

Every time I hear the sound of my recorded voice, I am reminded why I write so much.  I am still quite rough at the edges.  Nevertheless, I’ve had the courage to do another podcast, this time with John Carey, … Continue reading

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Weekly Roundup – 01/25/07

The Weekly Roundup is a bit more of a lonely trail without Cowboy Heath Ledger.  Sorry to him go.  Otherwise, it was a pretty busy week, with some bits of good news and quite a few bits of bad news.  … Continue reading

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If a Tree Falls in the Forest….

If a tree falls in the forest, and almost no one notices, did the tree almost not fall?  Pharmaceutical Executive noticed, but I didn’t notice anyone else notice.  I’m talking about the long-proposed user fee program for the FDA’s Division … Continue reading

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Approval Outlook for 2008

As I’ve noted in recent posts, the situation in 2007 was pretty rough for new drug approvals.  We saw an increase in approvable letters, and a decrease in the percentage of approval letters.  Will it get better in 2008? I … Continue reading

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