Following My Twittering

J0407547As I mentioned on Friday, I have begun twittering.  I really like it.  It allows me to "micro-blog" on topics I might otherwise not cover in the course of posting.  It also allows me to feed in news blurbs real time as I come across them.  In my aggregator, I have a slew of feeds from various aspects of the pharmaceutical industry and I can pass interesting bits along as they come in. 

Twitter will also allow me to provide live downloads from FDA Advisory Committees and Hill hearings that I’m attending.  I can provide insights and record votes as they occur, and they will appear on the blog within a few seconds.

If you are on the site, you will see them.  If you are receiving postings via email or through your aggregator, then you will either have to go to the Eye on FDA site to see the Twitter updates, or open up a Twitter account and follow my entries by going to

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