Weekly Roundup – 05/09/08

J0145922It is raining buckets – reportedly 3 inches since yesterday.   The water table looks like its headed for restoration here.   Lots of thunder and lightning.  Flood AND tornado watch.  Congress is skipping town to go home to Mom.    Other than that, a quiet time here inside the Beltway.

And here is a little of what went on this week:

  • House Committee on Energy and Commerce holds hearing on DTC advertising –  It was the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations and to give you a flavor, here is what Congressman Dingell had to say – "Regrettably, investigations by this Committee have revealed systematic violations of these principles by a number of drug companies. Some ad campaigns have been misleading and others appear downright deceptive."  Or, if you want to see the whole Webcast, here is a link to the hearing – I had trouble accessing.  Look for lots more action on this front in months to come.  Hearing coverage made ABC World News Tonight.  It also got widespread national media coverage across the board. 
  • And the Subcommittee on Health Holds Hearing on Stem Cells – And a flavor of this hearing from Congressman Dingell – "None of us can guarantee to those suffering from Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injuries, or multiple sclerosis that embryonic stem cell research will bring success. But we can guarantee that if we let politics, not science, guide our efforts, we consign ourselves to failure."  – As the Congress shakes the yoke of this Administration, look for lots more action on this front as well.
  • Astellas Gets Euro Nod for Mycamine – This was interesting since there have been a host of drugs that have gotten European approval, but are held up in the U.S., Astellas got approval for an antifungal in Europe which has been approved in Japan since 2002 and the U.S. since 2005.   The company reported in its release that it received approval in late April, though announced it on May 7.   The indication is for invasive candidiasis. 

That’s it for me folks.  Have a good weekend everyone.       

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  1. Kerry Donahue says:

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