J&J Announces Babycenter Launch of Social Network

In what can only be described as "eating the lunch" of other pharmas when it comes to the use of new media, Johnson & Johnson today announced a new online social network billing it as the "largest parenting community online." 

According to the release "BabyCenter’s social network enables members to share and connect with each other and builds upon the experience and expert voice parents have depended on from BabyCenter for more than a decade. The new BabyCenter Community is now available in public beta.   BabyCenter, LLC is based in San Francisco, California, and is a member of the Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) family of companies.

J0438847_3It appears this baby is growing up fast.  Unless it is an amazing coincidence, combined with the J&J blog, the J&J YouTube Health Channel among other things, it seems clear as I’ve mentioned before, that J&J is executing a broad and reaching new media strategy while many other large pharmaceutical and even biotech companies are still not even sending out press releases on RSS Feeds.   

Other babies, take note…

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2 Responses to J&J Announces Babycenter Launch of Social Network

  1. Last week YouTube, now this? It’s great to see the largest healthcare company in the world embracing Web 2.0. J&J is among the many companies who are quickly realizing that the most valuable communication does not flow through your PR & Investor Relations departments. Being part of the conversation with your customers, your candidates and the market is the direction the web is headed.
    And, if you look hard enough, there are plenty of others following the same path, even within the ranks of Big Pharma.

  2. John Mack says:

    You have a broken link — first URL to press release

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