Johnson & Johnson Launches YouTube Health Channel

I have been talking a great deal about the need for pharma to engage on YouTube.  It provides a direct mechanism for talking to targeted audiences about health concerns – directly and allowing for the message to be spread virally from one interested party to another.  The FDA has for some time been engaging on YouTube with patient education videos and safety warnings. 

It also allows a company to provide some balanced point of view when, during a crisis, video is generated – either mainstream or among fringe elements. 

There are naturally risks involved but they may not be as great as one perceives.  For example, YouTube does allow a sponsor the ability to screen comments, or to eliminate them all together.  Developing a strategic plan for dealing with YouTube is something every pharmaceutical company should have frankly, done by now.

I’m grateful to Pharmaceutical Executive’s story about the launch of a J&J YouTube Channel.  Here is their profile language – "At Johnson & Johnson, we embrace research and science – bringing innovative ideas, products and services to advance the health and well-being of people throughout the world."

The way the company appears to be setting up their health channel is to have a weekly focus – and this week’s is on obesity.  Here is this week’s video:

J&J was also an icebreaker in terms of starting a blog (JNJBTW) and the formation of this channel will be another interesting experiment to watch.  I applaud them for doing it, I wish I’d received some online editorial outreach about it, but at least I caught it in Pharmaceutical Executive. 

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  1. Marc says:

    Sorry we didn’t reach out to you about this one. To be sure, we haven’t done much outreach on any of this… but will keep your point in mind for next time.

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