Open House Seats in the 2008 Election Cycle

2008_senate_election_preview_coverI am once again passing around the fruits of my colleague’s labors.  In the past weeks, I have posted Fleishman-Hillard compiled profiles of the upcoming races for the Senate and the various races for governor around the country.  Today, I am posting 2008 Open Seats for the House of Representatives.

On Election Day this November, as you know, all 435 seats in the House are up for grabs.  There are a total of 35 House districts that are "open seats" this year, which means that there is no incumbent running due to the fact that there has been either a retirement or resignation, and they are therefore considered competitive and provide the parties with opportunity to make substantial gains.  The document compiled by my colleagues looks at 20 of the most competitive races in 2008, over-viewing the district, the candidates and the results of voting from the last election.

Download 2008HouseOpenHouseSeatElectionsPreview-7-21-08.pdf (1199.4K)

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