Public Affairs and New Media – Redux

Eyeonfda_screenAs any regular reader knows, I am a proponent of engagement in new media and have very strong concerns that the pharmaceutical industry is playing so sheepishly in this space that the industry is actually hobbling itself from a communications perspective.  To that end, I’m going to set to work on a paper that overviews pharma involvement in new media (it will likely be short) such as noted in my posting last week about Johnson & Johnson’s foray into YouTube.

However, a few weeks ago, I wrote a posting about the increased use of new media in the field of public affairs and advocacy.  The ability to gauge what is going on in something as broad as social movement campaigns, or as narrow as the development and tracking of a crisis, new media is where it is at.  It offers a way to track and monitor conversations, and to develop grassroots movements among like-minded people. 

The increasing role of new media – Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds, blogs, YouTube should not be underestimated.  Fads they are not.

The reason for the posting earlier this month was that I was just finishing an overview, which I am posting here.  If you would like to view it and/or download it, you can click on the Eye on FDA picture at the beginning of this post, or here:

Download CopyofNewMediaNewCampaigning2.pdf (2623.9K)

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