GSK Opens Up New YouTube Channel

GlaxoSmithKline opened a YouTube channel earlier this year that apparently was a beta for what they were eventually going to accomplish.  GSKCIC opened up, had little added to it, and didn’t allow you to embed the vids, which was defeating the purpose of a YouTube channel.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, all companies need to think about YouTube seriously, especially as companies either voluntarily impose moratoria on new products, or if one is forced on all companies through reform legislation coming next year.  People with chronic illnesses will be able to post and send links to other people with chronic illnesses and allows a very efficient way to open up word of mouth marketing with visual, non-static materials.  Of course, you still have to watch what you do from a regulatory perspective, like including risk information when there is a product-specific drug mention, and not making unsubstantiated claims.   

It is also an excellent way for companies to portray their philanthropic efforts which, while considerable, are largely unknown. 

On August 11, GSK opened up a new channel called GSK Vision that is much nicer than GSKCIC and at least is set up to allow you to embed the vids, unlike the beta at GSKCIC.  Unfortunately when I tried to embed them, it doesn’t work.  So it’s not clear if they don’t know what their doing yet, or if they are still hanging on to not sharing the vids.   When I tried to embed them I got a message that said "We’re sorry, no embeddable videos are currently selected for this player."  One of the vids said that embedding was withheld. 

Come on GSK, free the vids man!!! 

Johnson and Johnson allows embedding.  It will be interesting to compare the use and development of the two companies as they move forward and find their respective styles. 

My thanks to a reader who pointed out the emergence of the new GSK channel to me by email. Thanks Mike!

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