I Want to Hear From You

SenakIt is August –  a surprisingly mild one so far in terms of humidity and temperature here inside the Beltway.  Lots and lots of people are on vacation, sadly I am not one of them.  I thought it a good time to do something a little different here.  So today, I’m asking for an email. 

Not just to say hello, though that is welcomed.  But I’m gearing up to add some new things to the site.  For example, I’m going to provide direct links to YouTube channels of interest.  But there are a lot of you who are subscribers.  Many are from large pharma companies, many from small ones.  I’d like to know a little more about what you do.  Are you the public relations folks, the government affairs department, the regulatory guys?  Are you marketing?  Many of you are investors – what is helpful to you?  There are a lot of law firms who come here – what are you  guys looking for? 

And one in five of you is from Europe!  Thanks for coming over.f  What is of interest to you?  And of course, there is a great deal of traffic from India, which makes me feel exotic, but how does it make you feel?  What would you gentlepersons like to see?

Many people seemed to like the series I did last year on all the candidates and I’m glad because that was a heck of a lot of work.  Many like the listing of approvable letters, which I know needs an update.  But what else?


I’m curious.  Also, what are your needs – what would you like to see more of on Eye on FDA that would be helpful, what would you care to see less of? 

If you are on the blog site itself at Eye on FDA, you can email me by clicking on the icon in the upper write hand corner.  If you are an email subscriber, you can email me by hitting reply.  And if you are a Feed subscriber, you have to go to the Web site and click the icon.  So send me an email.  I’m lonely in here!

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