More About the Eye on FDA YouTube Channel

I really don’t understand why more pharmas and more insurers aren’t doing YouTube.  If I were a large insurer, I would so open up a health channel and then have playlists on diabetes prevention, smoking cessation and an entire health library featuring what my company was doing in this space.  If I were a pharma, I would have videos about every disease area in which I have a treatment ranging from topics of prevention to treatment.  Anyone not seeing the utility of this has blinders on.

But I’m not a pharma and I’m not an insurer, I’m just a little public affairs guy working in healthcare with a blog, a twitter and now a YouTube account with the EyeonFDA YouTube channel.  I like having an integrated communications approach.  And, I’ve only been up on YouTube for a day, and already have more subscribers than the FDA News channel.  Smokin! 

For those interested, I’ve created four primary playlists at this time.  The first is FDA News, taking the FDA vids on product warnings, safety alerts, etc, and reposting them. 

The second is the area of public health, taking good vids that the CDC posts on their new CDC-TV.

The third will be a playlist featuring vids from and Bloomberg, among others, of interest to Investors

And lastly, when pharma companies post something interesting, I may repeat it. 

I’m also open to suggestion for new playlists.  I really like my new toy.   

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