The Future of Nanotechnology – an FDA Meeting

J0438738Not long ago, CBS 60 Minutes ran a segment about an investigational device called the Kanzius Machine that uses nanotechnology to kill cancer tumors.  It was a very impressive demonstration whereby nanotechnology is used to kill cancer cells using a non-invasive method without pain.  Sounds too good to be true, but it is nevertheless a very interesting piece.  Here is a part of it, the rest can be readily found on the 60 Minutes Web site:

That is why a public notice to a meeting by the FDA that will be announced shortly caught my eye because as the agency moves to develop Guidances in this area, it will be seeking public input.

According to the notice:

The FDA is announcing a public meeting and a request for comments including available data to gather information that will assist the agency in further implementing the recommendations of the Nanotechnology Task Force Report (the Report) relating to the development of agency guidances. The Report’s recommendations covered foods (including dietary supplements), food and color additives (including food contact substances), animal drugs and feeds, cosmetics, human drugs and biologics, and medical devices. In addition to requesting comments in response to the questions in this notice and those that will be discussed at the public meeting, FDA is announcing a request for available data and information on the effects of nanoscale materials on quality, safety, and, where relevant, effectiveness of products subject to FDA oversight.

For those interested, the meeting is slated for September 8, from 8:30 until 5 PM and anyone wishing to speak must register and submit a summary of the presentation and an electronic copy of their presentation by the 2nd of September.  One hopes that the developer of the Kanzius Machine, or someone on his behalf, might appear.  This meeting will be held at the University Systems of Maryland Shady Grove Center/Universities, 9630 Gudelsky Drive in Rockville. 

The FDA will publish information about registration and the ability to provide comment in the Federal Register, but you can view the information by consulting the pre-publication notice on the nanotechnology meeting.

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  1. Nanotechnology is slowly creeping into popular culture, but not in a way that most scientists will like…

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