Welcome Another Digital Advance in Healthcare – CDC Launches Vids

Ok, last year, the Kaiser Family Foundation launched its YouTube channel. which though nice, has been, as noted below, rather disappointing in getting vids up there from the International AIDS Conference going on now.

Earlier this summer, FDA News began on YouTube, though the agency seems to do almost nothing to promote it and it is a bit stiff with talking heads and nothing more – nothing that Network news programs might want to pick up.

Then, there was a much heralded (at least by me) entry by Johnson & Johnson who has opened a few YouTube channels including a health channel and one that seems kind of unsure in its orientation, but also kind of not updated often.  Then a few weeks ago, GlaxoSmithKline introduced GSKCIC, which has a few vids on it that you aren’t allowed to embed and not allowed to comment on (so what is the point?).  Now we have a new entry. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has kind of started its own channel on its own site, which is very interesting.  I could not find it on YouTube.  There are about 5 vids or so here, one of which is on preparedness for emerging public health threats.  Interesting stuff.  I encourage CDC not to be like FDA on the promotion of this new feature.  Every CDC employee frankly should have a link in their emails to this page.  And, the CDC should have done some online editorial outreach to people like me to get them to blog about it – give us a preview and stuff like that.  Come on people.  Think! 

Anyway, good job CDC and welcome to the growing club.  BTW, get your space on YouTube too.

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2 Responses to Welcome Another Digital Advance in Healthcare – CDC Launches Vids

  1. Rob Halper says:

    Ooops! I think you might be referring to a second channel, JNJ410. I put that up some time ago as a “test site”, to better understand how you tube channels work. Visitors are supposed to be re-directed to the jnjhealth channel, which I update weekly.
    Rob Halper
    on behalf of jnjhealth

  2. Mark Senak says:

    Thanks for the update. The JNJ410 thing was really confusing. I reco you take it down – don’t dilute your YouTube brand.

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