CDC Opens New YouTube Channel on Flu

One of the many potential uses of YouTube is the ability of the medium of videos to address issues of public health.  In relatively short order, any entity can put together a video and post it quite inexpensively and in doing so, reach audiences directly who are already interested in the topic and who can take it and spread it virally to others who are interested.  Conspiracy theorists long ago learned this.  Pharma companies are not really getting it with a few exceptions, in particular, Johnson & Johnson which adds vids each week and this week’s focused on prostate cancer.  You can see them either at the JNJHealth YouTube Channel or on Eye on FDA’s YouTube Channel on either the oncology playlist or the company generated vids playlist. 

The channel is called CDCflu.  Here is the new CDC vid on the importance of flu vaccines featuring families who have experienced first hand flu-related challenges.  It is such a good idea, as it can be broadcast on blogs like this, mommy-blogs and of course, passed by email to from one concerned mom to another. 

My thanks to my buddy Brian Reid, aka Rebeldad for this head’s up on Twitter.

Note – after publication, I modified this post to include a link to CDCflu. 

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  1. Holli says:

    I’m so glad you posted this! YouTube is a great way to promote public health. You can find even more videos from CDC at

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