I have to confess, I am gaga for Google. You may have noticed in the past. I just love Google.J0422412 

A few weeks ago, Google launched Chrome, its new Web Browser. You may ask yourself – does the world need another browser?  And why am I reading about this on Eye on FDA?  Is he a digital critic? 

The answer is (1) yes.  A new browser is a great idea, if for no other reason, than to give us a choice.  (2) You are reading about it on Eye on FDA because I think that digital is moving so quickly and pharma so slowly that it is important to keep up on as many new developments as possible, and (3) I am not a digital critic, but I am a digital user and so will provide you with my user’s perspective so far on Chrome. 

I have to say it I think Chrome extremely impressive and provides a user with an expanded universe of offerings that, like many of the Google innovations, are unique and can integrate to expand one’s reach and productivity.   Things I loved about Chrome (pretty much in order)

  1. The speed.  It is really zippy – more on the order of Firefox than Explorer, which feels like a turtle once you go back to it.  I felt MUCH more productive on Chrome as it really facilitates multi-tasking. 
  2. The navigation.  Chrome records the images of the Web pages you most frequently go to, again adding speed.  You see the image of Eye on FDA and you click on it, you don’t have to read…
  3. The Tabs.  The tabs are really handy, and again facilitate multi-tasking.

If you are interested, here is a quick vid Google did on the 10 features of Chrome – it is only a little under 4 minutes:

  Things that were not so hot:

  1. Every so often (and too often) for all the speed the thing just freezes up which can be very frustrating and even though this happens with any browser, it seems to happen more often and is perhaps more frustrating because otherwise, Chrome is so speedy.
  2. It doesn’t always do well with some Web pages.  For example, when I went to write this posting, I could only get to the HTML version of this posting and not the mode where one composes text.  The whole page simply didn’t load and the tabs did not show up. 
  3. Another example of that was, ironically enough, with my iGoogle page.  It loads, but some of the applications I had vibrated and flickered like a flourescent light that is on the fritz.  And no amount of time passed would enable it to calm down.  Nasty.

Chrome takes a little while to learn to navigate.  If you are used to Explorer, which I am, many of the automatic places you go to perform specific tasks, such as to refresh, are in different spots.  but once you get used to it, this is not a serious problem. Chrome is still in beta.  There are some bugs.  But overall, once worked out, I can tell I’ll be a regular user as opposed to now, an infrequent user.  I am all about the Google experience!

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