Weekly Roundup – 11/21/09

Wow!  What a week!  Former Senator Tom Daschle is going to head HHS and Henry Waxman is going to head the Committee on Energy and Commerce.  All we wait for now is the announcement of Obama's FDA Commissioner.

In the meantime, here is a little more of what happened this week that I found of interest:

  • CongressionalFreshmen New Resource Available Profiling Freshmen in Congress – Through the generosity and hard work of my colleagues at Fleishman-Hillard (my employer), I am able to bring to you a booklet produced by our public affairs staff that profiles the new incoming crop of fresh faces on the Hill and providing some insight into their backgrounds and perspectives on healthcare.  Enjoy. 
  • Pfizer WithdrawsViagra from European OTC Consideration – Under the heading of "What Were They Thinking in the First Place???" Pfizer has announced that it is withdrawing its application in Europe to take Viagra over-the-counter.  And with that, I'm resisting the fervent temptation to engage in a lot of puns.   But this is truly a case of either wanting to push the envelope, or only seeing things as we want to see them, not as they are…
  • DDMAC Issues Two New Warning/Untitled Letters – The nearly moribund DDMAC, so quiet during the Bush Administration, posted two new letters this week, one Warning and one Untitled, to companies respecting promotional materials.  The Warning Letter went to Shionogi USA, Inc. and the Untitled Letter went to Protherics, Inc. – More on those in y 4th Quarter wrap up of Warning and Untitled Letters to come in early January.

Change my friends.  Change in Administration, Change in Congress, Change in Policy, Change in FDA, Change in the very way we communicate.  Keep coming here to Eye on FDA to keep on it all!  Have a good weekend.  I'm off next week, but will still be posting and cleaning up the site. 

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