More on the Complete Response Letter Track Record and Stock Impact

Last week, I ran a chart on the track record of Complete Response Letters versus approvals from the FDA, demonstrating that the latter is losing in favor of the former.  Since then, the balance of power has changed even further.  

Approvals v CRLs12-14-08

To follow the action a bit more closely, I have uploaded a chart that I've made that provides a chronology of all CRLs that I notice.  You will find the date of the announcement, the company, the compound, the indication, whether or not it is a drug or a biologic and a brief comment of reasoning from the FDA that may have been contained in the company's press release.  

In addition, each of the company's are listed below with Google Finance profiles lined that will outline the stock performance for the day of the announcement to determine the impact on small and big companies alike.  Naturally, the smaller the company, the greater the impact, with one company losing as much as 62% in a day of the value of a share of stock, and some companies recover quickly:

The links should take you to the exact time period.  If not, there is a bar at the bottom of chart that will allow one to navigate to the date.

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