News You Can Use – Aflutter Over Twitter

This week, the Detroit News and the  Detroit Free Press announced that they were forced to cut back on printing their daily paper to three days a week of "dead tree" editions.  That should speak volumes.

Newspapers and magazines are having a difficult time, and it isn't just the economy.  It is the increasing migration into digital media by readers.  People no longer want news packaged and presented to them, they like finding their own news.  Even stations like CNN and CBS put their programs onto YouTube in pieces – that way people can choose the news they are interested in seeing, rather than seeing a pre-packaged news program.  

But there is more to digital than blogs and YouTube and more to their creative use.  The pharmaceutical industry and the agency that regulates it are, as noted many times, far behind communications trends.  Branding is increasingly being shaped in the digital realm, while pharmaceutical and biotech companies try to mold their's and that of their products in a disappearing arena.  

Enter evidence – the number of newspapers that now Twitter is increasing dramatically.  
According to graphicdesignr, which maintains and tracks the complete list, there are not 1,026 Newspaper Twitter Accounts, which is an increase of 234 over last month.  he top ten papers that Twitter are as follows:
And the greatest increases occurred among:
Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, YouTube – this is where people are not only getting news, they are spreading and talking about it and creating and delivering points of view.  For those who stay out of the mix, you are like GM.  For those getting involved, you are more like the foreign car maker.  You are giving consumers what they want.  
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