Public Affairs Increasingly Digital – Congress Hits YouTube

Over time, it has been important to note when there have been advances by public affairs into the digital realm, such as when the Clerk of the U.S. House began to Twitter.   In fact, nothing so much as says "grass roots campaign" as the speed and torrent can be unleashed by an organized Twitter campaign.

Today there is something new to note, as brought to our attention by the Google Blog.   It appears that the 111th Congress is moving to distinguish itself quickly and the House and the Senate have both opened up their own YouTube channels.  Because we don't see enough of them. 

The channels are quite interesting though in terms of their set up.  When you go to that of the Senate – called The Senate Hub, to find your Senator on YouTube, you are presented with a map to find vids with your Senator.  The House site is run similarly.    To find what members from your state are posting, you merely click on the state and a menu of offerings pops up.  It is quite dramatically organized. 

Like all such sites, expect the use of it to evolve over time but also take note that public affairs today is not what it was even two years ago.  If a company's digital literacy is not keeping pace with these developments, when it comes to a public affairs issue – one could easily find one's self out-maneuvered before you know it. 

Welcome to Congress' YouTube:

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