Obama’s Pick for FDA Commissioner Gets Closer

According to this morning's Washington Post, President Obama is moving much closer to picking an FDA Commissioner.  In an article entitled "Obama Faults FDA on Food Safety" by Lyndsey Layton, regarding a new FDA Commissioner, it is stated "…the White House has said an appointment is likely to come within days."  

Of course, that doesn't say how many days.  It could be 1000 days.  But that is not likely.  This administration moved quickly and efficiently to fill the cabinet posts which would not be an indication that they are going to lollygag around to fill in other important posts.  

The article also notes that the President is critical words on food safety for the FDA and further that the Administration was planning a "complete review of FDA operations."    That is certainly more insight than we have had so far into plans for the FDA.  And you can count on the fact that this review of operations will affect not only reforms aimed at food, but at pharmaceuticals as well.  

These comments were in the context of a reaction to the peanut recall, noting that his daughter Sasha eats quite a bit of peanut butter and that they shouldn't have to worry that what she is eating for lunch might be tainted with salmonella.

From bad events, good may come.  Perhaps the peanut crisis has pushed the appointment of a new FDA Commissioner up on the agenda.  
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  1. david says:

    The problem with the President’s comments is it suggests the new Commish will be from the food side of FDA. There’s definitely work needed there too, but the drug side needs a lot of attention too. Somehow, I don’t think Califf is likely to get the nod, which is a real loss for the nation. On the other hand, at least the folks who thought any drug manufactured by a US company should be allowed on the market are getting banished from the agency.

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