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Nice Examples of YouTube PSAs by the American Cancer Society

The growing use of YouTube as a means to reach specific healthcare audiences is growing.  I've often written about the remarkable utility of YouTube in putting together public service announcements (PSAs) that can be picked up by target audiences and … Continue reading

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Weekly Roundup – 2/20/09

February is whizzing by.  Thankfully, we got through Valentine's Day (bah, humbug).  A bill actually got through Congress.  Some members of Congress and some party officials have provided quite a bit of humor through their antics and utterances, entirely without … Continue reading

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Gilead Demonstrates the Folly of Formal Dispute Resolution

The FDA has a policy and a guidance for companies that want to pursue Formal Dispute Resolution (FDR) .   This lays out the procedure by which companies can appeal an FDA decision about a product.  It has been demonstrated many … Continue reading

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Medpedia Launches! A Conversation with the Founder of Medpedia

For anyone in healthcare, there is a seismic shift that occurs today.  It is the launch of Medpedia – a new Wiki created through the combined efforts of Havard Medical School, the Stanford Medical School, the University of California Berkely … Continue reading

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Do We Really Know What Comparative Effectiveness Means?

To those who know me, it will come as no surprise to know that when it came time to choosing up sides for basketball during P.E. in grade school, junior high school and high school, I was always one of … Continue reading

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