European Pharma Moves on Social and Digital Media

In nearly any conversation about digital and social media on a global scale, one is bound to hear the refrain that European pharmaceutical companies have even more inhibitions than their American counterparts because of the existence of DTC in the US and because they are restricted in their communications with patients in Europe.

Defying gravity, if not convention, Roche, headquartered in Basel Switzerland, today issued an elegant multimedia release on its latest study results involving Herceptin.   First note the slide comparisons of cells near the headline, which are completely enlargeable. But then off to the right, there is not only a video that explains the significance of the findings, but a menu list of other videos one can watch.  There is also, in the upper left hand corner, a menu of offerings to get further communications from Roche, including podcast access and subscription to their RSS feed.  Believe it or not, some large companies still are not using RSS feeds.  A link is also provided if the reader wants to obtain video clips and there are links to document the company's work in oncology.  

This type of release is significant because it offers so much.  It is not just news about the product, it is a virtual Roche oncology library, allowing a reader to only read about the study, or to find further useful background information should it be desirable, without making the reader go hunt for it.  In other words, it accomplishes a one-stop shop for nearly any kind of reader.  

Nice work Basel.

Forgive the lack of cropping on the screen shot – Microsoft's changes to Powerpoint 2007 are completely indecipherable in a most unyielding sense.   
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7 Responses to European Pharma Moves on Social and Digital Media

  1. I agree, this release does a good job of incorporating Web 2.0 features while still maintaining the familiar feel of a traditional press release. Thanks for directing my attention to it.

  2. Giovanna Galante says:

    Thanks Roche for this! The patients needs to have trasparency and to gain access to “informations” about drugs, clinical trials informations, new therapies and so on…Great Roche!

  3. WendyB says:

    Thanks for pointing out this release Mark. Great find – I love watching not only the evolution of the press release format, but also how the U.S. can learn from the creativity of our EU counterparts. Curious: Did FH create the release?

  4. Mark Senak says:

    No, we didn’t. Just so you know, I would always disclose such a connection.

  5. I can confirm that FH was not involved – even more we appreciate the great feedback!
    In fact, we’ve been offering this type of added information for a while already, but obviously it was too hidden in our old design. We are pleased that since the re-launch of our website they get more attention and use.
    Btw. we are also feeding the news to

  6. Mark Senak says:

    Egad! Thanks for letting me know about the Twitter feed. Now to the important question at hand … why aren’t you following Eye on FDA???

  7. Obviously, I am following your blog, am I?
    To actively follow on twitter is a matter of capacity. Right now we are still checking out how it evolves.

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