FDA’s Transparency Meeting

Tomorrow, the FDA is holding a hearing on transparency here in Washington, D.C and have issued their ground rules for participation.   The event is certainly a noble gesture and one does not have reason to expect that this time around, FDA is anything less than serious about the effort.  The FDA Transparency Blog has also opened up to take questions.  I have to admit, I have been so consumed with work and the blog that I haven't had time to enter a question to the Blog about transparency.

But as you may guess, my question would focus on why FDA's DDMAC issued untitled letters against 14 companies, about 45 brands, but (i) did not signal ahead of time any regulatory parameters for the action taken; (ii) has steadfastly refused to issue such parameters about emerging media; and (iii) refuses to discuss the matter and open the agency up to reasonable questions about same? 

The Internet has evolved considerably.  Why won't the FDA?

So that would be my question.  Sadly, I won't be there.  But I hope others ask something along these lines of reasonable question.

Good luck FDA and all who attend. 

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  1. Could be the beginning of the end so says the SEC. We all knew the day would come sooner or later but it seems the caves of the irresponsible “journalists” are finally imploding. It may be just the tip of the berg as defined in this link http://satwaves.com/blog/2009/06/26/sec-… but its just a matter of time that the guilty who overlooked some details along the way will soon be their demise. Case in point, Adam’s Ocukus article of 6/22 reads, “according to a source familiar with the plans”. Could this be a source among many who assist in illegal activity?..Possibly, but it’s a starting point that may justify beginning a thorough investigation. Intentional and continuous “bashing” of specific stocks such as HEB leaves many to believe that there are ulterior motives of profiteering by indirect means either through close family or associates. As the SEC article points out..It’s going to only take one to bring down the house of cards. The SEC’s charter should be to expose and prosecute these so called corrupt “journalists”, funds, manipulators and even button pushing celebrities who attempt to cover up their own activity with petitions, articles and offerings of TRUST. I invite anyone who concurs with my post to cut and paste it to as many message and comment boards as possible as I know The Street will instruct Yahoo to ban my posts on this topic. Thank you for your time I wish all honest investor well. (vincethetoolman@yahoo.com)

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