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Change Begets Opportunity

At the time that President Obama won the election in November 2008, it was still too early to foresee the vast amounts of change that the nation faced.   His campaign was built on change, but once the economy began to … Continue reading

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Hamburg – Good Medicine

Today the Washington Post has an article – "FDA Commissioner Faces Formidable To Do List" that outlines the many challenges that Dr. Margaret Hamburg and Dr. Joshua Sharfstein face as they get settled into their new jobs.  This includes the … Continue reading

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Fact or Fiction – FDA Has a Policy on Social Media?

This, apparently, is a stampede in progress…. Today the Post ran a story in its Health Section that had the headline "Drug Firms Jockey for Space Online" and when the story print continuity breaks and carries on to a subsequent … Continue reading

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Eschewing Tobacco

Late last week the Senate finally voted along with the House to give authority to the FDA to regulate tobacco – a move specifically required when the silly Supreme Court said that the FDA did not have such authority.  That … Continue reading

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What Do Facebook Changes Mean for Pharma?

Well, in most circumstances, not much.  If you consider the fact that most pharmaceutical companies aren't engaged with Facebook on a widespread level at the current time, the fact that Facebook is making an interesting change to its pages doesn't … Continue reading

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