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REMS – A Paper Tiger?

MedGuides are pieces of paper that are shoved into a bag with your prescription to warn a patient about possible side effects.  I take some prescriptions myself that come with MedGuides.  I never have read one all the way through, … Continue reading

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New Offerings by Pharma on YouTube

  There has been a slow, but steady march into YouTube-land by pharmaceuticals.  Two new companies were added to the growing roster of pharma on YouTube with three new channels added.  First – Novartis added a new channel simply called … Continue reading

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Weekly Roundup – 8/21/09

The ground is baked hard and each day brings a serious threat of thunderstorms.  The days are long and humid and the garden has had it.  Even the tourists move with a sluggishness that alone indicates that the month in … Continue reading

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Google Wave, Part 2 – What Pharma Should Be Thinking About

Earlier this week, there was a brief overview of what Google Wave is designed to do.  Now, let's begin thinking about specific applications for the pharmaceutical industry.  Remember, a Wave is a collaborative conversation that will allow multiple forms of … Continue reading

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Google Wave

As the pharmaceutical industry struggles to find its foothold in social media and regulated by an agency that does not have the appearance of understanding how the Internet is used by patients seeking healthcare information, there is about to be … Continue reading

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