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Will the FDA Part 15 Meeting on Social Media Actually Bring on a Global Freezing?

The FDA is finally holding a meeting to gather input about the agency's role in providing some guidance respecting the use of social media by the medical products industry.  It is long overdue, as mentioned many times here.   The … Continue reading

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FDA’s Strategic Plan for Risk Communication, Part 1

Suddenly, out of almost nowhere it seems, a document emerged from the FDA entitled "FDA's Strategic Plan for Risk Communication" and was simply dated "Fall, 2009".  In it, the agency lays out its thinking with respect to risk communications, particularly … Continue reading

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Google Wave – An Update After Nearly a Week of Use

I love the idea of Google Wave.  I still think it has tremendous potential.  But after playing with it for a week, there are some issues.  There is a Google Wave conundrum. On the one hand, Google Wave offers really … Continue reading

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Weekly Roundup 10-16-09

Well partners, another week has flown by and it is cold and rainy in Washington, D.C. where health care reform has finished its umpteenth week and continues its slow progress.  My Google Wave invite arrived and I've been busy playing … Continue reading

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Day 1 of Google Wave – A Blank Canvas

My Google invite was in my inbox yesterday morning.  At 6:34 AM I opened my account.  Here is what I saw. Nothing.   That is because when you open your account, you are all alone.  It was like landing on … Continue reading

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