Social Media Tools and Strategy – A Webinar Coming Up

I was at a talk not long ago where two questions were posed by the speaker to the audience.  First was – how many people have cell phones?  Naturally everyone in the room raised their hand.  The second question was how many people had a cell phone without a camera in it?  Just two people raised their hands.  I thought that was an interesting enough tactic to steal.

What's the point?  He was actually making another point, but mine is this – new technologies have emerged that were once separate entities, but are now put together and we take them for granted.  We barely notice them they have become such an integral part of our lives.  Yet most of us are able to take a picture and upload it onto Facebook with one handy little instrument.  We don't even think about it.

I think that is a bit of what is happening with social media.  A few years ago, twitter didn't even exist.  Today it is an integral part of a much larger communications machine.  And like the digital camera and the phone, various aspects of social media are coming together in ways that create new systems of communication.  We barely notice that this is happening.

And because so many of these tools are relatively new, we use them in different ways and have various levels of familiarity.  So I have put together a Webinar that is designed to orient us to the changes that have occurred and to consider how simple basic new media tools can and should be used in efforts by communications professionals.  Think of it as a Social Media and Public Relations/Affairs 101.  It is called "Rapid Fire – Integrating Emerging Media and Tools into Our Communications Practice".  I will be giving it tomorrow at noon EST and it is free and if you are interested, there are still some spaces available if you register now.  

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  1. Tom says:

    Hi Mark,
    A lot of us in the Pharma Belt are going to be at war with Old Man Winter tomorrow. Any chance you will schedule another session or post the webinar for later viewing?

  2. Mark Senak says:

    You can send an email to She might be able to help. Thanks!

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