Weekly Roundup – 02/19/10

 We wind down another week and slowly – ever so slowly – the blizzard of last week begins to disappear, though the traffic effects linger on… and on… and on.  And the blizzard didn't stop the government from doing nothing either.

Here is a little bit of what happened in our world though.

  • Google Launches Google Buzz – Whatever you think about it, and I'm still not sure what I think about it, Google launched yet another new software feature this week, this one called Google Buzz.  If you have a Gmail account, you can use it by installing it into your account and having it suddenly appear in the menu when you open up your Gmail, situated right under your Inbox.  What the heck is it?  There is a video on it, which I found pretty useless and is featured below for your edification.  But Buzz is an attempt to integrate a bunch of social media you may already be using into one spot, which sounds handy.  But I have found the navigation a bit confusing, and like Google Wave, I felt that Google is expecting me to feel my way around without a lot of support from them.  But for now, two things of note.  Google Buzz is emblematic of something I've talked about for a long time, which is that inevitably stand-alone tools we use each day are integrating into larger communications systems and that is a trend I think will continue.  Secondly, Google Buzz also takes a huge step in my thinking to integrating out work lives with our private lives.  That can be very tricky and may end run around some of those employers who seek to block employees out of social media.  That is a wall that will inevitably come tumbling down for all companies that wish to remain relevant.  

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