Another Torrent of Comments to FDA Social Media Docket

My guess is that there is a lag time between the time that comments are actually filed and the time that FDA actually posts them to the rather labor-intensive and not always working correctly site that houses the comments to the docket for the Part 15 meeting on medical product promotion and the internet and social media.  In any case, a slew more commentary was added earlier today.

This included entries from Covidien, Johnson & Johnson (I wondered where they were….), Bayer Healthcare and Sanofi-Aventis.  While there are still many conspicuous absences, that brings the total of medical product manufacturer comments to 13 when combined to those named in yesterday's posting – "When it Rains, it Pours…."   In addition, two manufacturer trade associations – BIO and PhRMA submitted remarks yesterday.

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  1. Earl Whipple says:

    AstraZeneca published its guidance submitted to the FDA for pharma engagement in social media.

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