Weekly Roundup – 3/19/10

 Supposedly we are in the home stretch of health care reform, though one has a terrific sense of deja vu about that.  Today Ramsay Baghdadi, Editor of the RPM report tweeted 

"My new "whip count": They have 224 "yes" votes from which to choose. They probably end up with 218 come game time." 

It makes me wonder why it is so easy to get votes to go hunt for weapons of mass destruction that don't exist in a foreign country at great cost with no savings yield than it is to take care of people at home – but heck. 

Here is a little bit of what else happened this week:

  • FDA Issues New Restriction on Tobacco Marketing – The agency issued a rule this week aimed at the marketing of tobacco products in general, but highly focused on marketing to children in particular.  Under the new rule, companies won't be able to sponsor events such as sporting events, sell cigarettes in sampler packs or sell cigarettes from vending machines that aren't behind a counter in an adults only setting.  
  • YouTube Sets Record in Uploads – Last year, YouTube announced that it had achieved a level of downloads at the rate of 20 hours of video per minute.  This week, the YouTube blog announced that the new level is at 24 hours of video per minute.  That is a LOT of video.  How much was healthcare, one wonders?  
  • Pew State of the Media Report Issued – An invaluable resource for understanding how the communications environment is changing on multiple levels and from a wide variety of perspectives is contained in the Pew State of the Media Report which was issued this week.  It is certainly one of the most valuable reports in communications for the year.  

That's it for me this week.  Have a good weekend everyone.  

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