Weekly Roundup – 3/26/10

 Wow.  Last week's Weekly Roundup expressed some skepticism that health care reform would actually happen over the following weekend.  And this week's Roundup begins with a sigh of relief that it is all over.  By the way, I tweeted yesterday about a nice New York Times interactive graphic that helps define how the legislation will work and here it is.  Great!  Now, let's move on.

  • New England Journal of Medicine Starts Blog – Thanks to CNBC reporter Mike Huckman (@mhuckman) for pointing this out yesterday – the New England Journal of Medicine, already a presence on Twitter (@NEJM)  has begun a blog. It is noteworthy that many medical journals have begun to become actively involved in social media and I have made a Twitter list of them so that one can follow what is being said among academic medical publications.  The British Medical Journal has also established a YouTube page.  
  • Second Annual Digital Pharma ExL Conference – Next week I will be attending and speaking at the second annual Digital Pharma Conference to be held in Berlin at Bayer Schering headquarters.  I hope to be blogging from the conference, doing some live-Tweeting and conducting a few interviews with my flip cam.  
  • USDA Announces New Proposed Food Safety Rule – The USDA announced a new food safety rule that attempts to enhance efforts at identifying potentially contaminated food and removing it from the market and is calling for public comment.  Also related to food safety, I discovered this week the existence of a food safety widget that FDA has developed.  
  • FDA Announces Clinical Trials Workshop – The agency set May 5 and 6 for a workshop to be held called "Clinical Trial Requirements, Regulations, Compliance and Good Practices" to be held in Newport Beach, California.  

That's it for me this week.  Have a good weekend everyone.

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