Weekly Roundup – 4/16/10

Springtime abounds.  I am still laid quite low by record levels of tree pollen, as I believe, are many others.  I am a first time sufferer and have new respect for those who have borne life-long allergies.  I see beautiful Spring days around me, but all I experience from my point of view is a hazy, foggy stupor. This too shall pass.

In the meantime, it has been I think a rather slow week.  I am working on a qualitative review of the first quarter Warning and Notice of Violation letters from DDMAC that will be posted next week.

Weekly, I try to review the videos posted by the various pharma companies and health care interests on YouTube.  This week, I added a new playlist category to the Eye on FDA YouTube channel that aggregates interesting video on matters related to global public health.  It is a subject that one can find a great deal of existing video footage from a wide variety of organizations.  And though there is a lot of volume, it is not, on the whole, well organized.  

In the meantime, here were a few vids I found of interest this week:  

Novartis' Global Health What's Next?

Sanofi Pasteur's on Research in Mexico on a Dengue vaccine

FDA's Caution About Sexual Enhancement Products


FDA's on the possibility of Kidney Impairment while using Byetta


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