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Weekly Roundup

This week we had our first snowfall.  The unseasonably cold temperatures have stayed, and so has the Congress, trying to do all of the things it did not do for two years in the last two months.  The tree is … Continue reading

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The Food Administration – The Drug Administration – Legislation Introduced for a Single Agency

Right now, the regulatory jurisdiction for the Food and Drug Administration is huge, overseeing by most estimates approximately one-fourth of the U.S. economy.  And in recent months it has expanded into regulating the marketing of tobacco products. Presumably in the … Continue reading

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Monty Python Meets Pfizer UK

Last week, I had a post that discussed the lackluster use of YouTube by pharma.  My point was that the channels themselves are not very engaging or “social” in the way that social media is meant to be.  One reader … Continue reading

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Guidance on Comments – Advisory Committee Prep on Open Public Comment Period

As noted in the Weekly Roundup on Friday, last week the FDA published a Final Guidance on the Open Public Comment period at FDA Advisory Committee meetings.  On a side note, it is perhaps worth noting that this updated the … Continue reading

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Weekly Roundup – 12/10/10

We are staggering through the lame duck and Congress is providing us with lots of reminders as to the unpopularity of the institution.  A cold wave has continued to wash over a good part of the nation.  Fewer Americans are … Continue reading

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